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Our Brutally Honest Opinion

How do you define hopelessness? Well, we could describe the situation as one whereby you watch your loved ones being attacked without you being able to do anything about it.

Not just your loved ones, but you too could be in a similarly dangerous situation. Imagine a six-foot bully threatening to beat you to a pulp and, however confident you try to be, deep down, you know that you are about to get your face disfigured with you putting up very little resistance.

To avoid getting into such a scenario, you must hone your self-defense skills so that you could protect yourself and your loved ones whenever the need arises.

At this moment, we are going to introduce you to the Combat Fighter System, which is an online course that you could utilize to develop the mentioned skills.

What the Program Entails

The Combat Fighter is an easy-to-understand program that is designed for anyone looking to develop self-defense skills in the shortest time possible.

It contains some skills and techniques that you may find useful in sharpening your self-defense skills. Within no time, you should have developed into a better fighter who can confidently defend himself and loved ones in the face of aggression.

One thing you may appreciate with this program is that you get to practice it in the comfort of your home. This feature makes it especially suited to those individuals who are on a tight schedule.

How It Works

The main aim of this program is to equip you with valuable skills and techniques that you could apply so that you are in a better position to protect your loved ones when danger arises.

All the facts and figures that you find in this program are a result of extensive research, and this boosts the reliability and authenticity of this program.

You do not have to attend any physical training as everything you need will be in the program, and you could train straight from your living room.

These skills and techniques are designed such that anyone could learn and implement them. However, you need to follow all the instructions keenly if you want the system to be effective.

Some of the techniques to learn include:

  • Blitz blast
  • Core line strike
  • Force Hijack
  • One and Done
  • Surgical strikes, and so on.

All these come in detailed step-by-step video instructions for you to get a clearer picture. The program goes a step further by featuring scenes of real-life encounters and how you could fight your way out of such a situation.

You could get a partner to train with as a way of polishing the skills that you acquire from the combat fighter program.


There are several reasons that should convince you to invest in this program, and we have discussed them in detail below.

Everything about this program points towards simplicity. From the instructions that are explained in the simplest and plain English to the training methods that even a child could implement, there is nothing in this program that should complicate your life.

Further, no technical equipment is necessary.

This program is quite cheap, and anyone can afford it. For the value that you will be getting, the whole thing shall turn out to be a huge bargain in the end. On top of that, this is a risk-free investment with a 100% money-back guarantee.

This has to be the main benefit of the combat fighter program as it equips you with the necessary skills to be in a better position to defend yourself and your loved ones when faced with an aggressor.

Having this ability gives you the confidence to go out every day as you have the assurance that nobody could bring any harm to you or your loved ones.


Like everything else under the sun, this program also has its shortcomings, and we have mentioned them briefly below.

You are going to be disadvantaged if you wished to have the program in hard copy. You also need an electronic device such as a computer or DVD player to access the content.

And on the video, it comes in HD quality, which may reduce some individuals’ interest in the program.

You have to be consistent in your training if you want to be an expert martial artist. So if you are a lazy person, this program is not for you.

You have to get physically active to make the most of this program. Also, if you can’t stomach the idea of being caught up in violent situations, this might not be the best system for you.

About The Author

This guide is created by John Black, who is part of the US army and is designed for anyone who desires to keep himself and his family safe from buglers, looters, and any other aggressor.

He was motivated by a horrifying incident where he was almost assaulted by his girlfriend’s ex and was narrowly saved by the police.

For the following years, he learned crucial self-defense techniques, and later on compiled them into this guide so that nobody ever goes through what he did.


When you purchase the Combat Fighter program, it comes with three bonus programs which the creator considers presents for your trust in his program.

This manual is drawn from John Black’s military experience, and it helps you analyze your immediate surroundings. With that, you would be able to predict what is coming and be prepared to deal with the situation.

The other manual features techniques that you could employ to survive in extreme situations such as terror and large scale invasions. From survival to escaping, this manual has the answer to what you are looking for in such situations.

The last package gives you access to an online community of individuals with similar interests as you. In this forum, you get to share ideas, and you also learn new techniques from others.

Note that the free membership to this community lasts for thirty days.

Extra Bonuses

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Final Thoughts

If you value your safety as well as your loved ones’, this is a program you should consider acquiring. Further, the program also has the potential of saving you from embarrassing situations such as getting beaten up in public or worse, in front of your girlfriend.

So, why don’t you try it out and trust us when we say you will not regret it. If you are worried about losing money, you can relax when you hear that you have the option of getting a full refund if you are not pleased with the results.

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